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Commercial Courses

Surface supply air diver 50m | Surface supply air diver 30m | Underwater welding course | Inshore / Offshore Supervisor | Professional Scuba diver 30 m | Kirby Morgan Maintenance & Repair Course | Non-destuctive testing | First Aid for professional Diving | Underwater photography | swiming | First Aid training | Opito courses

About Us

Central African Diving Institute offers a wide range of recreational courses. We prepare students for the commercial diving and other skills courses by focusing on team success, Students develop skills in leadership and support roles, performance management, and involved decision-making. With us you are at the right place- we offer the right dive spot for every level, trial diver to technical diver.


Office : +237 653 824 040 
EMAIL : info@centralafridsch.com
LOCALISATION : Opposite Omnisport Hotel Ngame Limbe Cameroon

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